Allow me to address you in the name of the firm firm is engaged in cleaning interiors of: Theatres, Cinemas, Restaurants, Offices, Clubs, Hotels, Castles and Congressional Halls.

We can thoroughly clean chairs, armchairs, stools, tabourets, stalls,sofas, beds and day-beds in interiors of the above buildings. Our specialisation is directed especially to wool, velvet and plush. We clean synthetic, woollen and Persian carpets on floors and walls. For the carpets, we prefer perfect but very considerate special cleaning and combing which ensures a very effective result especially for wool and Persian carpets.
We are able to clean all covering materials on windows, walls, balconies and in loges, also carpets, seats, frills, drapery, handles and plush and velvet walls in congressional halls.
Our new technology allows us to clean thoroughly also large stagy curtains and plush, velvet and woollen draperies in a relatively short time.

We clean all of the above interior elements perfectly and without any disassembly and removal. From the cleaned surfaces, we can remove dust, smears, coarse impurities, smells and nicotine thoroughly.

Our works are guaranteed by top-class Swiss and English technology and special cleaners whose results can be proved by numerous photodocumentation in accordance with the catchword ( Look once rather than hear hundred time ) !!!
Our long-term experience in the area of cleaning and disposing stains allows us to clean iron moulds, chewing gums and candle wax stains thoroughly from any materials.

The firm Frenk uses up-to-date technology and cleaning detergents degradable in the nature. The detergents that we use for all kinds of materials counteract mites and allergens, are antistatic and include conditioners and lanolin for precious fabrics, wool and cotton.
We use machines and devices adapted to flat, serial-cascade and vertical surfaces.

We do our best to oblige time schedules and deadlines of all our customers.

Frenk means an important phase after all reconstructions, repairs, small adaptations and also during routine operations of interiors of theatres, cinemas, restaurants, offices, clubs, castles and congressional halls!!

Our section cleaning sports surfaces can offer also perfect cleaning out synthetic surfaces and outdoor tennis courts where a carpet and synthetic granulation product is placed.

We can prove all the above offered services with detail photodocumentation from real works.!!

If you are interested in use of our professional cleaning, we can give you more detail information or we wil come at our expense in person to discuss the whole order and suggest the most suitable working process andpropose a precalculation project including quantity Bonuses.

Keynote of the keeper:
The firm Frenk performs top-class professional cleaning and this quality is shown in its results and successes.